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X-Stands For Trade Shows - The Whats and Whys of X-Stands


It’s amazing how simple items as display stands can cause such confusion, isn’t it? Yet, with so many different varieties, it’s no wonder you can’t decide. Frame or no frame, you ask. Upright or slanted, reusable or disposable…and so it goes on. We think the x-stand could be the answer to your many display conundrums.

Perfect for marketing campaigns, product launches, trade exhibitions, and more, the x-stand will deliver your company message swiftly, accurately, and with impact. Holding your choice of full colour graphic in scrim vinyl, this stand is sleek and subtle, allowing your company’s brand to take center stage.

What makes an x-stand different from a standard banner or display stand?

Where do we start? X-stands are multifunctional, efficient, and attractive, with none of the added complications that often come with complex, fiddly displays. They also offer:

  • Top quality: Printed on 13oz scrim vinyl, graphics are supplied with an excellent quality, high visibility, professional finish, allowing your brand to appear at its very best.
  • Affordability: Prices are very reasonable and x-stands are fully reusable so, whether you need to attach a new graphic or reuse your original one, this is an easy and cost-effective option.
  • Easy assembly: The x-stand is lightweight yet hardwearing, and can be assembled quickly and fuss-free, meaning that your precious time is free to spend with customers and new contacts.
  • High visibility: Unlike many other display options, the x-stand does not use up valuable graphic space on a bulky frame. So when you order a 24” x 63” (e.g.) graphic, that’s exactly what you see.
  • Security: The x-stand secures graphics with small grommets, so that you can be sure of no creasing, no folding, and a completely flat aesthetic.
  • Ease of transport: One of the key features of the x-stand is its easy and compact storage, allowing you to deliver and transport it wherever you need, so we provide a canvas carry bag for this very purpose.

What can an x-stand do for my campaign or trade stand?

Using x-stands as a marketing tool allows you to present your company or brand in the most positive light. The lack of framing and excess fittings gives a streamlined, professional edge and prevents any loose fixtures or shiny laminates from distracting from your graphic.

Use  x-stands to display company advertisements, product information, or instructional infographics; they can be a point of interest to catch the eye of potential associates, a display for you to refer to during informative talks or product demonstrations, or an image to hone in on your product’s most intricate detailing. The options are simply endless. Whichever function you need it to perform, you can be sure it will do so with striking style.

How can I create an x-stand that stands out?

There are a number of actions you can take to ensure that your display stands out above the rest:

  1. Choose an eye-catching design. Large displays, whether using x-stands or otherwise, are not made for dull, easily missed graphics. Opt for a bold, clean aesthetic, with well-spaced images and text, and ensure that it fully represents your brand.
  2. Check, double check, and triple check the content of your graphic before ordering. If the graphic was pre-made, you may already have done so, but if it has been created especially for this purpose, it’s worth ensuring that everything is as it should be. You’ll be mighty disappointed to find that it has a spelling error once it arrives. We do offer an e-proofing option so that you can see what your stand will look like, which is well worth checking out.
  3. Use the correct print specs. Now, this one is pretty important. Having a fantastically designed graphic that looks professional and eye-catching is very exciting until you find that it won’t upload or print properly due to incorrect sizing. All images must be 125dpi at full size – you can read more about artwork guidelines here.
  4. Take good care of your stand and graphic. The carry case included with the purchase is there to protect both components, so be sure to store the items inside it when not in use.
  5. Place the stand correctly. Try to avoid placing your stand too far into the walkway. Attention-grabbing is one thing, tripping over passers-by is quite another, and certainly won’t encourage them to learn about your brand.

Do  x-stands make a little more sense now? We hope so. They’re the ideal display item for the modern-day business, offering clean, contemporary lines; quick and simple practicality; and quality components. By getting your graphics right and taking good care of all of the parts, you can help to ensure that the x-stand is the perfect marketing tool for your business. And, whether you’re visiting a trade show, hosting a customer exhibition, or launching a brand new product or campaign, you can be sure that the x-stand will deliver, again and again.

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